B2B Gaming Acquires Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino – European Gaming Industry News

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Asia Live Tech has officially announced the acquisition of its company, along with that of its sister company Start Live Casino, by B2B Gaming.

B2B Gaming has been a rising force in the iGaming industry for some time and has been engaged with ALT and SLC in closed-door meetings to acquire both companies. After reviewing the potential growth and benefit that this can bring their clientele, ALT and SLC formally finalised their sale to B2B Gaming.

As part of the acquisition, B2B Gaming takes full ownership of all intellectual property, games, systems, and properties of both Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino, thus directly servicing their customers moving forward. As part of the terms of the acquisition, staff at Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino will be retained, meaning customers will still have a familiar face to deal with.

The upper management of Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino will enter a six-month transition period to ensure that B2B Gaming is up to speed with all the companies’ clients, so ensuring the transition will progress smoothly before they permanently exit the company. ALT and SLC have expressed good wishes to them for their next ventures and thanked them for their commitment over the years in developing both Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino into internationally renowned companies.

The acquisition promises more offerings and enhancements to existing clients of Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino, as well as to the customers of B2B Gaming. The combination of systems with years of stability plus new cutting-edge games means the limits are endless as the era of B2B Gaming gets underway.

In line with this and as agreed by the stakeholders, the acquisition will entail a single brand direction to ensure there is no confusion among customers. Going forward, all branding will solely reflect B2B Gaming, while the corporate websites of Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino will shortly be redirected to B2B Gaming’s official website.

In a joint statement to customers, ALT and SLC stated: “We deeply care about you and wish our clients continuous growth and more success in the years to come. You are in safe hands with B2B Gaming and will for sure have more offerings to avail in the days to come.”

They ended by reassuring customers that the decision was reached only after ensuring that customers’ business interests would not be affected; instead, it would bring them more benefits.

Author: Paula Allen