Gaming Americas Weekly Roundup – February 28-March 6 – European Gaming Industry News

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Since 2018 there have been some tremendous changes in the US gambling industry. It’s been dramatic in the UK too, though mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. How do New Jersey casino revenues compare with those in the UK?

It was four years ago that a US Supreme Court Judge made a ruling that had been wanted for years. New Jersey had campaigned long and hard to change the rules in the US. They wanted states to be able to decide themselves whether to legalize gambling. Before the court ruling that supported this, it had been the Federal Government who made that decision.

Since that ruling, many states have chosen to legalize gambling. This has helped the casinos, especially those who have extended their business into offering customers sportsbooks as well as the usual fare of roulette, blackjack, and other casino games.

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The pandemic came along just as casinos were expanding their businesses by branching out into the world of sports betting. Land-based casinos had to temporarily close, but their online ventures came to the rescue. An increasing number of customers went online to place their bets so that gave great help to their balance sheets.

2022 has already seen many US states recording record gambling figures. New Jersey has also seen growth compared to January 2021. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement have reported that total gaming revenue for the nine casino hotel properties in the state was $183.6 million in January. That’s 14.8% higher than recorded 12 months ago. Of that $183.6 million, slot machines contributed around $129 million.

One of the biggest changes in recent years has been online betting. The total gaming revenue for online casinos was $137.8 million in January. That’s a big 32.8% rise since January 2021 when revenue only just got through the $100 million mark.

The figures build on a highly successful 2021 for the New Jersey casino gambling market. A figure of $4.7 billion was recorded, that was 64.4% higher than in 2020. Compared to 2019 when there wasn’t a pandemic affecting the gambling industry, the 2021 figures were 36.6% higher last year.

The UK has also of course had its gambling industry affected by the pandemic. Land-based casinos have found themselves having to close their doors on more than one occasion. It seemed that as one Covid wave ended and casinos could again open, it wasn’t long before they again had to close and lose revenue.

Just as in the US, the online gambling industry became considerably more important. Casinos that had online sites saw their business increasing. Unable to go to their local land-based casino, customers went online to gamble. Live casinos that were being offered online became more popular.

UK gambling revenue did fall however due to the lockdowns. Their industry is in a very different position than that seen in New Jersey and the rest of the US. There are casinos in all major cities and towns in the UK, but they aren’t on the scale of those seen in Atlantic City for example.

Whereas in the US there are new customers being attracted to the gambling industry, that isn’t quite the case in the UK. Gambling has been legal there for many decades. The trend is now for online casinos to be more popular than the land-based ones. They reported increases in revenue last year and approaching £1 billion for the year.

Can the success of online casinos continue though? The pandemic may not be affecting the industry so much now, but the UK government and Gambling Commission might. The government is eager to pass new legislation that will protect gamblers against developing gambling problems.

The Gambling Commission aren’t afraid to fine casinos that don’t do so. That’s what happened recently to two online casinos. Rank Digital Gaming (Alderney) Limited who trade as and were given a £700,557 regulatory settlement for what is termed ‘social responsibility failures.’

Annexio (Jersey) Limited were fined £612,000 for social responsibility and money laundering failures. The monies received by the Commission are given to the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms.

More actions are being taken against the gambling industry in the UK. Only this week, 888 were fined over £9 million by the Commission. Gambling remains popular in the UK, but many are concerned about the amount of gambling advertising on television and the radio and failure by casinos and other branches of the gambling industry to look after their customers.

With details of possible changes being published soon, the UK gambling industry may have many problems, while the New Jersey casino industry continues to flourish.

Author: Paula Allen