Bradbury: “Good to go. Right here, right now.” Mount Isa Ready to Host Winter Games NOW

The outback Queensland town of Mount Isa is “…good to go. Right here. Right now” to host the Winter Games according to Australian sporting icon Steven Bradbury.

Bradbury, Australia’s first winter games gold medallist, is now a spokesperson and member of the bid to bring the 2030 event to Mount Isa.

“Mount Isa has all the state-of-the-art facilities to host the games, such as the international broadcast centre (the old site of the local Blockbuster Video), luxurious accommodations, and a fabulous nightlife.”

The International Broadcast Centre, Luxury hotels, and amazing nightlife are the three pillars of the Mt Isa 2030 Winter Games Bid. 

With venues already built and locked in such as the Mount Isa Irish Club for Curling and the Rodeo Grounds booked to be the main stadium, bid committee chairman Dylan Katter is confident that the town can host the games straight away.

Mt Isa 2030 Bid Chairman Dylan Katter believes the town can host the games straight away. 

“Mount Isa is ready. We have all the stadiums and infrastructure needed to host the winter games. Should something occur in Beijing or if 2026 host Milano Cortina can’t get the job done, we’ll step up to the plate with that can-do-dinky di Aussie attitude” Mr. Katter said.

Since the bid was announced exclusively by Neds on Thursday, local businesses have already shown their support for Mount Isa 2030 with some hotels already taking bookings for the games.

Steven Bradbury leads Mount Isa bid…for the 2030 Winter Olympics

— The North West Star (@MountIsaNews) February 4, 2022

Local games aspirant, Jack Rafter – the third cousin of Isa’s favourite son training has already commenced training for 2030 showing off his double-cork shiraz 2020 on the halfpipe.

Rafter remains confident of winning at least three-five gold medals when the games head to Isa in 2030.


While the Mount Isa bid is still yet to be greenlit by the Queensland government, the Australian government, AOC, IOC and anyone who matters – the games bid committee isn’t too worried.

“Once any of those relevant organisations take a look at our bid video and we’re at Winx-like odds to get the green light to make Mount Isa 2030 happen.”

Meanwhile, the Mount Isa 2030 bid committee is set to sign a major sponsorship deal with NEDS in the coming days.

A NEDS spokesperson declined to comment other than to say “We always like backing winners.”











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Author: Paula Allen