Give Your Cashback Points a 2x Boost Four Hours Each Day

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Fastforward is a fast-paced and exciting game due to the sheer speed at which games are dealt. From February 7, 2022, our No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha fastforward games get a whole lot more exciting thanks to the Boosted Hours fastforward promotion.

Two four-hour periods are dedicated to being boosted. This means you earn twice as many cashback points as usual for four hours twice per day. Play our exciting fastforward games between midnight GMT and 03:59 to receive twice as many cashback points as usual. Enjoy the same double cashback points from 13:00 GMT to 16:59 GMT, too. Hit at least 25 points during a calendar week to receive at least 20% cashback on all your real money play.

The Boosted Hours Fastforward promotion means you would only need $12.50 worth of rake, instead of the usual $25, to hit the first tier of cashback payouts if you get your grind on during the boosted hours.

Boosted Hours Fastforward Schedule

Time (GMT)

00:00 to 03:59

13:00 to 16:59

There is no upper limit to how many extra cashback points you can earn during Boosted Hours Fastforward. How much extra cashback you receive is down to you. Thousands of partypoker players received cashback for the first time when Boosted Hours last ran. Will you be another of our players who receives rewards for playing their favourite fastforward cash games?

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Author: Paula Allen