Super Bowl LVI Novelty Markets Preview

HALFTIME – Artist to Perform First

The halftime show markets are always interesting ones to follow as information from rehearsals start to leak out and the odds undergo a dramatic shift.

Last year Blinding Lights came in to short priced favouritism, the year before it was She Wolf by Shakira.

In the most populous halftime show since Super Bowl 35 (a hit in our Halftime Hits & Misses post), Dr Dre is the favourite.

While we haven’t seen major movement in this market (yet), it certainly seems like Dr Dre is going to be the one coming out on stage first and I’ll jump on that before the market shifts.

Dr Dre @ $2.50

HALFTIME – First Song Performed

Here you can double dip on the markets, especially if Dre is the one to come out first.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Vegas is expecting The Next Episode to be the opening song of the Super Bowl halftime show (although listening to the lyrics we may not know what the song is considering how heavily NBC will have to censor it).

But with it being used a lot in the advertising clips for the show, it would make sense.

The Next Episode @ $1.85

HALFTIME – First Dr Dre Song Performed

Were I planning the halftime show, California Love would be the leadoff song, but there’s a very good reason why I’m not organising things and instead sitting here writing about the betting odds.

I’ll still back it at its current price since it is a California Super Bowl and it’s a song about the state.

This also has strong potential to be the final song of the show as an homage to the location however I’m thinking that may get reserved for All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar which also has strong collaboration potential.

California Love @ $2.50

HALFTIME – Tupac to Appear via Hologram

We saw Prince appear posthumously in Super Bowl LII via a projection on a sheet, but will Tupac make a guest appearance as a hologram?

It’s happened before with Snoop Dogg at Coachella and we know money is no object for the NFL.

Perhaps the only obstacle is the fact they have five big name stars already, do they need another one?

I’d say so.

Yes @ $2.75

HALFTIME – Will Eminem Be Censored?

Whoever is operating the dump button at NBC is going to have the most stressful 12 minutes of their life during this halftime show.

Despite recording some of the most iconic songs of the last 30 years, these artists aren’t exactly known for their family friendly lyrics.

Eminem having his audio cut at least once feels like one of the safer bets of the entire game.

Yes @ $1.55

HALFTIME – Will Snoop Dogg Wear Any LA Rams Gear

The man follows more NFL teams than LeBron James so he’s definitely got some Rams gear to break out.

He may even go for the “Casual Aussie NFL Fan” look and wear a Rams shirt with a Bengals cap or something like that.

Yes @ $1.40

HALFTIME – How Many Songs Will Be Performed

Five artists, each with an extensive back catalogue?

Overs every day.

Over 8.5 Songs @ $1.30

HALFTIME – Will All 5 Artists Collaborate Together For A Song

They didn’t put out all of this material showing the five superstars coming together in LA to not have them all performing at once.

Just about every time there are multiple headline acts they come together for one big song.

J-Lo and Shakira went for Waka Waka two years ago, Super Bowl XXXVIII saw Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake famously performing together as did Nelly and P. Diddy while Super Bowl XXXV saw Aerosmith, N*Sync, Britney Spears, Nelly, Mary J. Blige and a couple of ball kids perform Walk This Way.

Yes @ $2.50

Author: Paula Allen