Top 10 Super Bowl Gatorade Showers

The best NFL duo over the last 40 years isn’t Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, or even Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – it’s Gatorade and the sweaty, unsuspecting scalp of a Super Bowl-winning coach.

Since 1987 Gatorade dumps have provided the perfect precursor to the Lombardi Trophy presentation. Only a small percentage of people will ever taste that kind of success, but fortunately, we here at Neds are trying to get you as close to the action as possible!

Our ‘First Gatorade Colour’ market continues to grow in popularity each year as novelty nuffies try and jag some value on the winning flavour.

Four of the last 12 Gatorade baths have been orange, while Tampa somewhat surprisingly went for blue last year.

The general theory is to back the colours closest to the winning team with orange for Cincinnati and Blue for the LA Rams, but to help you out even further, we’ve dug deep to bring you the Top 10 Super Bowl Gatorade Showers we could find.

1. Bill Parcells – Super Bowl XXI (New York Giants v Denver Broncos)

Colour: Clear/Water

There are two crucial elements to a successful Gatorade shower: surprise and creativity.  

New York Giants linebacker Harry Carson had both when he dumped Bill Parcells in the dying stages of Super Bowl XXI.

Instead of playing hide and seek on the sidelines, Carson donned a yellow security jacket with cooler in hand to catch Parcells napping.

The look on Parcells’ face is priceless.

2. Sean Payton – Super Bowl XLIV (New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts)

Colour: Orange

This dump deserves a B+ for execution, but this is a feel-good moment too beautiful to ignore.

Most Gatorade dumps end once the coach cops a drenching, but not in New Orleans.

The entire team chairing Sean Payton off the sidelines was something to behold, while the hip and shoulder from Jeff Charleston on some unsuspecting bald dude was also good for a laugh.

3. Bill Cowher – Super Bowl XL (Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks)

Colour: Clear/Water

The most controversial game in Super Bowl history also ended with one of the most memorable (and painful) cooler dumps.

With only three seconds remaining and the Seahawks needing a miracle, the Steelers forced an incomplete pass to secure their fifth ring.

Legendary coach Bill Cowher threw his hands in the air to celebrate, only to be greeted with a cooler to the side of the head.

4. Jimmy Johnson – Super Bowl XXVIII (Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills)

Colour: Clear/Water

If Jerry Jones copped a soaking in this one it would have claimed the number one spot, but instead, he chose to run for the hills in his seven-figure suit.

Still, this is one of the all-time great showers commemorating recent Hall of Fame inductee, Jimmy Johnson.

Johnson, who had just won back-to-back Super Bowl’s with the Cowboys, fully expected to get wet.

What he wasn’t expecting though, was a cooler on the back of the head from left guard Nate Newton.

5. Gary Kubiak – Super Bowl 50 (Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers)

Colour: Orange

This one goes beyond Gatorade.

Not only was Gary Kubiak drenched in his team colours, but he also became the first coach to win the Super Bowl for the same team he played for.

Considering all this happened in Peyton Manning’s final game, it’s well-worth a spot inside the Top 5.

6. Pete Carroll – Super Bowl XLVIII (Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos)

Colour: Orange

The accuracy, the splashback – this was a Gatorade dream!

Carroll’s bath might be the most memorable moment of Seattle’s 43-8 blowout over the Denver Broncos.

Twinkletoes himself, Russell Wilson, laid the finishing touches alongside tight end, Zach Miller.

A few more dousing’s followed with the clock winding down.

7. Jon Gruden – Super Bowl XXXVII (Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Oakland Raiders)

Colour: Clear/Water

The bromance with Derrick Brooks.

The “boom, boom, boom”.

Winning it all against his beloved Raiders.

The visor staying on.


(Side note: the NFL doesn’t like us embedding videos, so you can watch footage of this shower here.)

8. Bill Belichick – Super Bowl LIII (New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams)

Colour: Blue

Questions aren’t the only thing Bill can dodge.

The greatest of all-time is no stranger to a good Gatorade bath.

His shower in Super Bowl XXXIX was a memorable one, but since we don’t often see this sort of emotion from Belichick during the most recent victory over the Rams.

9. Doug Pederson – Super Bowl LII (Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots)

Colour: Yellow/Green/Lime

Straight on the head, quick and painless.

Doug Pederson seemed to enjoy this more than anybody else. His BOSE headset, however, not so much.

10. Mike Tomlin – Super Bowl XLIII (Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals)

Colour: Yellow/Green/Lime

You might have the same look on your face as Tomlin after realising the Steelers feature twice on this list.

Sometimes a really bad Gatorade shower turns out to be quite a memorable one though, as we saw in 2009 when Tomlin tried to sidestep his shower from Brett Keisel.

Author: Paula Allen