Why You Should Support the Rams in Super Bowl LVI

The Los Angeles Rams will become the second team in as many years to host the Super Bowl in their home stadium on Monday (AEDT) in what promises to be an historic decider against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Head coach Sean McVay and company will be hoping to turn Tinseltown into Titletown with their first Lombardi Trophy since moving to Hollywood, and we’re here to tell you why you support the guys in blue and gold.

Whether it’s celebrities or just Matthew Stafford, here are a few reasons to jump on the Rams bandwagon.

Because a Bunch of Guys Deserve Rings

The current Rams roster is full of stars, but it’s also full of guys who have been either snake-bitten on the Super Bowl stage, or just genuinely unlucky throughout their careers.

For one, the nicest guy in the NFL, Matt Stafford, spent over a decade in the doldrums in Detroit where he failed to win so much as one playoff game.

Right next to Stafford is Cooper Kupp, arguably the league’s best receiver, and a man well-deserving of a ring after missing the Super Bowl three years ago against the Patriots.

Odell Beckham Jr, who spent several luckless seasons in New York, and more recently in Cleveland, also gets his shot to finally win a Lombardi.

And of course, last but not least, Aaron Donald.

The league’s best defensive player of the last five years firmly needs a ring to cement his legacy as one of the greatest to ever lace em’ up.

Because a Bunch of Cool Celebrities are Fans

It’s Hollywood, so of course, a bunch of familiar names are fans of the Rams.

Magic Johnson was one of the first to purchase season tickets when it was announced the Rams would move back to LA, while Bryan Cranston is a long-time fan despite having his heart broken when the team moved to St. Louis.

Modern Family’s Ty Burrell is also a fan, attending their first-ever game in LA, only to leave at half-time to make it to the Emmys.

Because LeBron will Tweet Something Hilarious

As you may know, LeBron is basically a fan of all 32 teams in the NFL, but since he currently plays for the Lakers, you can bet the house he’ll be tweeting out his support for the Rams this Sunday.

LeBron’s tweets have become that of Twitter folklore over the years, so much so that we compiled this list last year to detail some of his great moments – in 280 characters or less.

Because People Spent A Lot of Time in Traffic to Get to the Game

Anyone that’s been to LA knows the traffic is a nightmare, so spare a thought for those unlucky souls leaving home at 5am to make it in time for kickoff.

Empty seats at the start of sports games has been a recurring theme over the years in Los Angeles, while as you can see below, the scene afterward is total chaos.

Traffic near @Dodgers stadium after the win. Does it get anymore LA than this?! Lol #ThisTeam pic.twitter.com/0MwtHgmalj

— Veronica Miracle (@ABC7Veronica) October 25, 2017

Because You’re a Bills Fan

If you’re a Bills fan, you probably have a vested interest in this game – even if you’ve been drowning your sorrows over the last few weeks.

The Bengals, just like the Bills, are one of 12 teams to have never won a Super Bowl.

Given the likelihood of these two teams battling it out through the playoffs for years to come, you can bet Bills Mafia will be keen for Cincinnati to remain on that list.

Because You’re a Patriots Fan

The Patriots actually beat the Rams only three years ago in Super Bowl LIII, but there is one reason New England fans might be rooting for Los Angeles on Sunday: Sony Michel.

The veteran running back was part of that winning Patriots side, scoring the only touchdown of that game, but he now finds himself wearing yellow and blue in the hunt for his second ring.

Because You’re a Lions Fan

On a similar note, there are likely a few Lions fans cheering for their old gunslinger Matt Stafford to finally win a ring.

Detroit fans have plenty to be bitter about, but after Stafford gave them over a decade of memories to cherish, it’s likely a few folk in the Motor City are pulling for him this week.

Because Eric Weddle Deserves a Ring

We touched on some guys that deserve a ring earlier, but I purposely left one name off that list: Eric Weddle.

The 14-year veteran returned from retirement just over a month ago after it was announced Rams starting safety Jordan Fuller would miss the playoffs with an ankle injury.

Weddle has had a very successful career in the NFL, made up of two All-Pro nominations and a spot on the 2010s All-Decade Team.

What has eluded him though, is a Lombardi Trophy, and after leading the Rams in tackles against the Niners two weeks ago, no one can deny that he deserves one.

Author: Paula Allen